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Embracing Uncertainty: How Lessons from Joshua Can Guide Us Through Life's Season

I was supposed to have a blog ready for you all on May 1. But, I felt my topic wasn’t the one I should share. Then I fell into a small rut of wanting to give up content creation for a while, but God said no. Instead, He said, “Seek me.” I’ve been in prayer all week, and God revealed why I felt this way. He showed me directly in His word how I could handle this season.

Life is uncertain, and it's easy to feel overwhelmed when faced with challenges and change. But as we navigate these uncharted waters, the story of Joshua in the Bible can serve as a guiding light, offering us wisdom and direction for embracing uncertainty with grace and courage.

As the children of Israel entered the promised land, they faced significant opposition. The land was not theirs for the taking without a struggle. However, God provided Joshua with instructions to lead them in conquering the land, teaching us that we can trust in God's promises even in the face of adversity.

To embrace uncertainty and navigate life's challenges, we can follow these three principles from Joshua's story:

1. Staying occupied with God's thoughts and ways: Focusing on God's guidance and wisdom is crucial as we face uncertainty. By seeking His presence and immersing ourselves in His word, we can better understand His plans for us. We'll find reassurance and peace amidst the chaos as we keep our minds occupied with God's thoughts and ways.

2. Meditating on the Word day and night: The more we meditate on God's Word, the more it becomes a part of us. Through this continuous reflection, we can internalize His promises and gain the strength and courage to face our fears and uncertainties. Meditating on the Word will equip us with the spiritual armor needed to face any challenge.

3. Being obedient to all God's commands: Obedience to God's commands allows us to walk in His will, even during times of uncertainty. By following His guidance and being faithful to His word, we can be confident that we are moving in the right direction, even when the path may not be clear. (Deuteronomy 6:7-9):

Reading about Joshua taught me that a promise doesn’t come without opposition. Like Joshua, God tells us what to do to sustain His promises. As I go through this different yet fulfilling season, I am glad God showed me how to live freely in this season through His word. My prayer and hope for you are that you begin to apply, fortify, and strengthen God’s words as you go through changes and areas in your life that seem so uncertain.

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