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From Single to Singleton Part 1

Colossians 3: 18 NLT, "Wives, submit to your husbands, as is fitting for those who belong to the Lord"

I am less than two months away from becoming Mrs. Singleton, and man, do I have a lot to do! One thing that has been important for me on this road is marriage counseling. It is a significant key in successfully transitioning into married life. And for me, the transition is major. Marriage counseling has put so many things into perspective because I lay my fears down and gain confidence that everything will be alright. Also, I am learning so much about submission and what that means in wifehood in my transitions.

The word submission seems like such a red flag these days to the point where it creates division. There are so many interpretations of the word submission being used in a negative connotation I became afraid of it. The questions I had before knew its true meaning was, "Do I really have to give myself up for a man, or do I have to be at his beck and call?" Our pastors have opened my eyes to how this transition will help me reframe my mind on submission. My last blog in 2021 talked about how I am truly going to depend on God this year. Well, He is genuinely putting me up to the test!

As much as I tried opposing God on moving with my future husband without a job lined up yet, He confirmed it through our pastors. I've been pretty independent all of my 20's, and because it was just me, my security came from me having a job and taking care of myself. My pastors gently spoke a word from God confirming that my transition moving in with my future husband will be with or without a job. This is a little uncomfortable to me, and God reminds me 1. He got me, 2. I will need to submit to my husband concerning the decisions we have to make, 3. I said I was going to wholeheartedly depend on Him this year.

I'm experiencing joy and sadness at the same time. My sisters and I live together. This past Saturday, I started to pack some of my things so my fiancée could take them back to his house. While I was thinking and smiling about the life I was going to live with him, I was crying at the same time cause I was truly going to miss my sisters. The journey to wifehood is bumpy, and I'm embracing all the emotions I'm feeling. I'm not only leaving my sisters; I'm leaving a life that has made me who I am today. I appreciate who I was and who I am becoming. It's a lot of emotions, and I thank God I am here to experience it all.

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