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Life Lately....

Can you believe it?! We are in the last three months of 2022! This year has truly flown by. I am so grateful for what this year has brought to me. I am not the same person I was at the beginning of the year, and I am happy about that. I prayed to God earlier this year that he grows the seeds planted in me. Now the growth process is super uncomfortable, and I had to face some things and grow out some things in this season so I could mature in my faith. I went from a single season to a married season. I saw my dad for the first time in 12 years. I started my dissertation and a couple of certifications to grow my skill set. It's been quite a busy and emotionally filled year.

With all of this, I realized that I want to take a step back from blogging and spend the next three months fasting and praying about what 2023 will look like for me or where God wants me to be. There are significant decisions my husband and I will have to make about our careers and personal life, and we want to be at the feet of God-honoring and accepting the path He has for us. I want to rededicate my mission, vision, and goals to God to truly walk into what this platform will mean for me. My harvest is coming, and I want to be ready to receive it.

Thank you to everyone who has remained engaged with my blog and brand. I truly appreciate you all! I will still be doing the mid-month check-in/prayer, so look out for those! As we enter the holiday season, I pray that for the rest of this year, God continues to show Himself faithful to you all. See you all in the New Year!

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